Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch review: Eufy’s first smart lock is a little too rough around the edges – Christopher Null

Eufy Security—Anker’s sub-brand spanning just about everything from video doorbells and security cameras to baby monitors—has now moved into the world of smart locks, hitting the market with a svelte piece of hardware that’s loaded with features. And most of them work well.

The Bluetooth-only lock offers a quite appealing design, decked out entirely in black. Adopting the now-standard upright rectangle design, Eufy keeps the chassis thin both inside and outside your door, where the escutcheons jut out from the surface only about 1.5 inches and 1 inch respectively.

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Installation hiccups

Installation is outlined in a detailed, printed manual, and the numbered boxes inside the kit help novices keep track of what’s what. The whole affair goes together simply and traditionally: You bolt the exterior escutcheon to an interior mounting plate, and then connect that to the interior escutcheon. Four AA batteries power the unit, and Eufy says they should last a full year.

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