Razer’s Naga Pro is a wireless modular gaming mouse with loads of buttons – Cameron Faulkner

Razer Naga ProThe new wireless Naga Pro features three swappable button plates to suit your favorite genre of games. | Image: Razer

Most gaming mice claim to work great for any type of game, regardless of their design and feature set. Razer’s new Naga Pro wireless mouse proves how well-suited it is for a variety of games with its modular, magnetically attached side button plates that make it a practical option for different genres, especially those that require multiple commands, such as MOBAs, MMOs, RTSs, and battle royale titles like Fortnite.

The Naga Pro is a wireless take on the 2017 Razer Naga Trinity, with its familiar shape-shifting features and the ability to connect to your PC via Bluetooth or using the included 2.4GHz wireless receiver. It’s available starting today for $149.99.

Image: Razer
A clear view of the Naga Pro’s three…

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