Why I Ditched a WFH Desk for the…Floor – Sara Coughlin

While working from home undoubtedly has its perks—easy access to snacks and an all-sweats uniform are top contenders—there are some disadvantages that come with the territory, too: for one, my studio apartment isn’t the most spacious, so I’ve put off buying a desk. To make do, I’ve been working from the couch, which, too often, leads to the feeling that I should be relaxing instead of working. Besides, a day on the couch leaves my back feeling hunched and tight.

A few weeks ago, I made some changes. In an effort to feel like more of an upright worker, I decided to have my low coffee table stand in for a desk, and ditch the idea of a chair completely. I’ve never been happier to get to work: Sitting cross-legged on the rug, I feel less sluggish, more aware of my posture, and much more comfortable than I would if I had to unfold myself from whatever half-horizontal position I used to be in on the couch.


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