Facebook’s first ‘smart glasses’ will be Ray-Bans, coming next year – Nick Statt

A prototype pair of AR glasses Facebook calls Project Aria. The company intends to continue researching AR using Aria in the real world before releasing a consumer device in 2021. | Image: Facebook

Facebook says its first pair of consumer “smart glasses” will be releasing next year as a branded Ray-Ban product, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the opening keynote of its all-virtual Facebook Connect conference.

Facebook says the consumer smart glasses will be one step in its overall work on AR, which now includes experimental research prototype it’s calling Project Aria, which is more like a full-fledged pair of AR glasses it sounds like. Starting this month, Facebook says the company will start testing Aria in the real world with Facebook employees and contractors to hammer out tough issues around areas like privacy, video recording, and design.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook


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