Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons review: These touch-sensitive light panels set the mood in any room – Ben Patterson

Nanoleaf has made a name for itself with its eye-catching, interactive, and modular light panels, and with its new Shapes line, Nanoleaf has made a good smart gadget even better.

With its first Shapes panels, the six-sided Hexagons, Nanoleaf smoothed the rough edges of its earlier products—replacing the old, too-loose connectors and refining the installation process—while keeping the gorgeous animated lighting scenes, the smart “touch actions,” and the integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Needless to say, Hexagons don’t come cheap, nor are they terribly utilitarian. But if you can afford them, the Hexagon panels do an amazing job at setting the mood.

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