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WScripted is an intellectual marketplace for female writers and industry professionals wanting to develop or create content that is oriented towards women. It gives female screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, and more to connect and network with each other while any threat of sexism or discrimination exits the door.

Women in film, specifically writers are highly underrepresented, as female-written scripts only make 20% of the $113-billion industry. Because of this small percentage, there is a lack of development and potential financial gain in the entertainment industry. Now, as 2020 has been a breaking point for storytelling, as well as a pivotal point for the #MeToo and BLM movements, WScripted provides a platform that helps women discover well-deserved female talent. 

Behind The Brains Of WScripted

Founder & CEO of WScripted, Ellie Jamen is a visionary in helping women inspire each other in the entertainment industry. She was inspired to start the platform by her desire to produce content written by women and the challenges that arose from her search due to the lack of female representation in the industry. 

“With a background in film distribution and sales in Europe and North America, where I worked on all aspects of the film business, from the development to the theatrical release stage, I started feeling a need to work closer to the content creators and work on more authentic and elevated films and television series, particularly women for the change of perspective that a women voice gives to a story,” Ellie says. “When researching women writers and initiatives promoting content written by women, I soon realized that there was a huge lack of support for storytellers trying to break in the industry, which prevents new voices from being discovered and leaves a wall between up and coming creatives and the rest of the industry. After interviewing a few professionals, it soon made sense to me that we needed to create an online platform to facilitate talent discovery of women writers internationally, and specifically support the development of women writers to increase the number of films we produce and finance for our screens. The idea of WScripted came to me before social distancing but the current situation reaffirmed the need for WScripted to exist.”

Founder & CEO, Ellie Jamen/Photo Courtesy of WScripted

The female-focused platform is unique for female screenwriters and acting as the world’s first online community that will support the talent discovery and development of women writers. The platform commits to advancing the career of its members, developing stories by women, and aim to become a must-have tool for all entertainment professionals looking to develop content by women, she says.


WScripted is currently free while in the beta phase up until January 2021, as it will be charging monthly membership fees of $20. There will be two types of memberships available: women storytellers and decision-makers. Women storytellers include storytellers, writer-directors, and more, while the decision-makers will include producers, directors, and agents looking to discover content written by women. 

“We expect independent producers, as well as development executives, directors, or agents looking for emerging voices,” Ellie says. “We are looking for decision-makers who have at least one feature film or TV series credit as a decision-maker but junior professionals are also welcome to apply.”

As the current future of entertainment is unknown, Ellie is still very positive about what is next to come in the industry, especially for the desire to discover more diverse voices.

“Studios like Netflix or Amazon are leading the change by producing content internationally and understanding the audience’s need for authentic storytelling,” Ellie claims. “At WScripted, we will act as a talent discovery platform that will help studios, producers or other professionals discover those new female voices as we are all searching for great content. The big challenges that we will encounter in 2021 and the near future are the restructuring of Film and TV financing which may delay more diverse stories to be available on the screen. The issues come from the online streaming era, the changes around revenue models for all businesses in the industry, and of course the challenges brought by the current economic crisis, and consequences on film production, movie release schedules, and movie theaters. But I believe the industry is committed to bridging the gap of gender equity at all levels in the industry and our work at WScripted will be to support those initiatives by expanding opportunities for women writers in the industry.”

For more information to apply for a membership, visit the WScripted platform here

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