The Going-Out Throw Is the G.O.T. of 2020 – Monica Burton

three blankets

For comfortable outdoor dining this fall and winter, you’ll need a blanket 

On September 30, New York City gave restaurants the go-ahead to serve customers indoors, joining a growing list of U.S. cities making such allowances as winter looms. But, despite the legality of indoor service, not every restaurant or diner will feel comfortable making the leap from restaurant patios and backyards to enclosed dining rooms — whether for ethical reasons or the stark realities of the coming cold.

It stands to reason that many of us will feel safer eating outside for as long as possible. As it gets colder, we will naturally need to prepare for dropping temperatures. Sure, we’ll all bring out winter coats as it becomes necessary, but eating dinner in a parka detracts from the air of convivial comfort we usually seek when going out to a restaurant. Enter: throw blankets.

It’s easy to imagine a world in which the priciest outdoor dining experiences include wool throws in the same way that restaurants used to offer matchbooks. But for everyday eating at most restaurants, it’s forward thinking to invest in a going-out throw of your own. I’m predicting it now: This fall and winter, a blanket draped casually over one’s shoulders or tucked underneath a restaurant napkin will become the most eye-catching aspects of our looks as we quickly eat skillfully prepared restaurant meals before wind chill renders them inedible. What I’m saying is, like it or not, the going-out throw is the G.O.T. of 2020.

Here are some options to get you on board.

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