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Judith Hill

Judith Hill makes music with true feeling. The artist can get you moving and dancing or send you into a reflective state. She’s an artist with funk and star power. Hill was once a backup singer for Michael Jackson, she was mentored by Prince, and appeared in the acclaimed doc 20 Feet From Stardom. Hill’s voice will soon be heard again in a new upcoming album. 

Hill revealed the exciting news during an Instagram live stream. “The first quarter of 2021. Boom!” she exclaimed. “I’m so excited. This record is super dope. I’ve been jamming to this music in my crib. I can’t wait to share with you all, so you can jam with it, too…. Next week, I’m going to be sharing some new information about the album, I’ll do a free giveaway, and I’ll be sharing my process. Who’s the producer? Yours truly. I produced the album. It was a blast to produce. We had so much fun in the studio vibing out. This has been one of my really exciting albums.”

As for her favorite song off the upcoming album, she couldn’t say. “You know they’re all my babies,” she responded. “I can’t discriminate. All the songs are my babies. I can’t wait.” Neither can we. Hill’s three previous albums are full of beauty and fun. The artist’s first official album was the soundtrack for Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer. In 2015, Hill released her first official solo album, “Back in Time.” Both are more than worth a listen. 

Hill creatively exploded in 2018 when she released the “Golden Child,” which is one of the most fun albums of the last couple of years. The track “You Can’t Blame Me” is a song you never want to stop dancing to. The entire album is full of visceral tracks that get you moving and feeling the music deep down. It’s an album that’s both fun, and for Hill, personal. “Golden Child, the album, has a major theme of unity,” she once said. “Given the current climate of the world, I want to use music to overcome hate and bring people together. We are all one in spite of our differences. I also wrote a lot of the songs for the young child in me. After tragedy and darkness comes the rebirth of innocence.” It’s a great album.

Hill is a soul singer who hails from Los Angeles. She’s been producing and singing music since she was four years old. Later in her career, she was highly supported by Prince. The missed icon couldn’t have sung Hill’s praises higher. In the barely finished Prince memoir, “The Beautiful Ones,” he frequently talks about what a fan he is of Hill’s music. Prince saw the raw talent in her music, which has a bit of a Prince influence, for certain. 

Most recently, Hill’s voice was heard on the Hulu series “Little Fires Everywhere,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. Hill performed an ambitious cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” To produce a cover of that iconic song that stands on its own and provides similar chills and goosebumps is no small feat. Collins’ original has incredible anger to it, while Hill’s version has a more somber tone. It’s the best kind of cover in which an artist stays true to the core of a song but brings a new feeling to it. 

As a songwriter and vocalist, Hill has a beautiful voice. She’s doing her own thing and producing music that’s nothing but pure. We still don’t have many details about her next album, but the artist will be doing a weekly Livestream on Instagram, singing and talking about the music she’s producing. Don’t miss out.

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