23 Clever Gifts You’ll Have a Hard Time Giving Away – Eric Kim

Ask anyone in my family: I used to be notorious for my terrible holiday gifts. Christmas would roll around (and I’d roll out of bed, two hours before my flight home), and I’d have to scramble to find last-minute presents lying around my apartment to stuff into my luggage before hailing a cab to LaGuardia Airport: an old, itchy sweater from the back of my closet for my brother; another old, itchy sweater from the back of my closet for my father; maybe a free cookbook I had gotten from work for my mother (who doesn’t even cook from cookbooks).

All of this changed when we entered the digital age. With same-day delivery in most cities, Christmas for me has become so much easier in the gifting realm. Being an online shopper, too, has meant that I spend the year discovering, one by one, perfect everyday products that become my own personal favorites. The best coffee tumbler I’ve ever owned, for instance, or the lightest, most comfortable bathrobe of all time (to pair with my latest habit, which is a nightly soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine and Netflix).


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