17 New Trader Joe’s Products to Stock Up on ASAP – Rebecca Firkser

Every time I go to the Trader Joe’s in my neighborhood, there’s a line out the door (even pre-pandemic!). That’s got to mean everyone waiting is onto something. The grocery store, of course, is known for its indefatigable ability to launch crowd-favorite products seemingly all the time, and this year has proved no difference. When it comes to the best Trader Joe’s products of 2020, there’s plenty to choose from—and I’m not just talking about this year’s hottest purchases, toilet paper and yeast. If you’re looking for something new to pop in your cart the next time you find yourself at Trader Joe’s, these are some of the best.

Note: While every product on this list has been spotted at a Trader Joe’s location in 2020, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be at your local store.


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