Your Couch Is Calling for a Clean (& You Must Go) – ariel scott

When it comes to cleaning your house, you’re mostly on the ball. You’re cleaning your sheets weekly, vacuuming your curtains and blinds, and making sure all of your surfaces are sparkling clean.

But what about your couch? You can’t toss the whole thing into the wash and call it a day, unfortunately. Your sofa is likely very large, possibly made of a finicky material (hello, linen), and probably an absolute magnet for pet hair and little colonies of crumbs. But no one likes sitting on a musty, stained, smelly couch, so take a deep breath and heed the advice of a few pros we’ve assembled for the job. Meet Angela Bell and Georgia Dixon, the Grove Guides at Grove Collaborative, a natural and sustainable cleaning company, and Bailey Carson, the Head of Cleaning and Home Improvement at Handy.


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