Cable networks are just daring you to ditch your TV bundle – Jared Newman

Earlier this week, Hulu delivered some bad news to its live TV subscribers: The service is getting a $10 per month price hike on December 18, bringing the cost to $65 per month for Hulu’s big bundle of streaming TV channels.

It’s the third major price hike for a live TV service this year, and it brings Hulu in line with YouTube TV and FuboTV, which both started charging $65 per month over the summer.

Sad as it is, we shouldn’t be surprised. If there was any doubt left about how the pay TV industry would respond to cord cutting, this latest price hike makes the endgame clear: There will be no pivot toward flexible packages, lower prices, or the mythical a la carte cable TV service. The prevailing strategy is now a scorched earth one, with routine price increases imposed on a shrinking number of pay TV subscribers.

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