How 6 Families Are Keeping the Holidays Special With New Traditions – Garrett Fleming

Ceramicist and woodworker Steph Trowbridge and her six siblings haven’t been in the same place since March of this year. Luckily, they’ll reunite this Thanksgiving at her brother and sister-in-law’s barn in New Jersey, where they’ll trade in their traditional dinner for an al fresco picnic around a fire pit. “I’ll treasure that time together,” she says.

Like Trowbridge, families everywhere are rejigging their upcoming holiday plans in order to stay healthy. For most, this year is all about forgoing the usual scale of celebration in favor of simpler, more-meaningful moments, while others are using the unique circumstances to start new traditions. No matter how they’re observing the holidays, though, each proves that while extenuating circumstances may be able to stop us from gathering, it can’t stop us from showing our love for those we cherish most.


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