How I Turned My Hallway Into a Dining Room – Caroline Mullen

I am utterly devoted to taking dinner in the living room. I turn the TV on, let my meal grow cold by the time I find the perfect show, and hunch over the coffee table to spoon pasta in my mouth, eyes glazed over. It’s not the most refined picture, no, but it’s worked quite well for me so far. I think the main reason I’ve never liked sitting at the table to eat by myself is because I’ve never had a kitchen or dining room I loved.

My current “dining room” is really the size of a breakfast nook, and is directly off of my galley kitchen. It’s approximately 5×7’, and since it’s the only way to get from the living room to the bathroom, it functions more as a natural hallway. Being that I’ve never been one to eat at the table unless I really had to, I also never gave this space much thought. A year after moving into this apartment, though, it was ready for my attention.


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