The Sense Energy Monitor gets two new and valuable upgrades—at no added cost to the buyer – Michael Brown

The Sense Energy Monitor impressed us with its ability to identify deliver in-depth insights into our home’s energy consumption when we reviewed it in early 2019. Once installed on your circuit breaker panel, the Sense will “listen” to the power flowing into home and—over time—will inform you how much power each appliance in your home is consuming.

The company just announced two new features that deliver even more value to the product at no additional cost to the user. The Power Quality Project continuously tracks the voltage coming into the home from your utility and identifies significant spikes and dips that can damage your appliances, computers, and anything else plugged into one of your home’s outlets. The Floating Neutral Project will identify a condition where your home’s neutral wire is broken or has become loose, causing too much voltage to be delivered to some devices and not enough voltage to others, causing lights to flicker, potentially damaging devices, or even posing a shock or fire hazard.

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