5 things I learned while setting up my first media server – Ben Patterson

For years, there was a lonely Raspberry Pi 3 gathering dust on my desk, right next to a cup of pens and a stack of Post-Its. Occasionally I’d pick it up and absent-mindedly twirl it around, as if it were a stress ball. But during a long holiday break, an idea started forming in my head: Could I actually turn this glorified paperweight into something useful?

Working here at TechHive as I do, I was aware of at least one enticing way to put a Raspberry PiRemove non-product link to work: as a media server for videos and music files. Now, I’m not an expert at building PCs, nor do I consider myself an audiophile (although I think I know good sound when I hear it), but I was drawn to the idea of putting my modest CD collection (and some old DVDs as well) into my own personal cloud, where I could stream it to my phone, my tablet, my home theater, or just about any device I wanted to.

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