Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi review: Second time’s the charm for this fingerprint-reading lock – Christopher Null

When we first reviewed Eufy’s inaugural Smart Lock Touch last year, it was clear the company had some growing to do with its lock product. Good news: With its second release, the company has cleaned things up considerably. While the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi doesn’t look noticeably different than its predecessor, it’s got plenty of new tricks—and much better performance—that make it worth considering.

As noted, the outside shell of the hardware hasn’t really changed, and it’s still decidedly on the big side, with an interior escutcheon that measures a daunting 8 x 3 inches (HxW). Fortunately, the Eufy lock is also fairly slim, so it’s less obtrusive than you might otherwise think.

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