NASA in talks to buy Russian Soyuz seat through U.S.-based Axiom – Joey Roulette

Expedition 46 Soyuz Launch
Photo by NASA/ Joel Kowsky via Getty Images

NASA is planning to buy an astronaut seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft through Texas-based aerospace firm Axiom Space, according two people familiar with the plans. The seat is a backup for NASA in case its upcoming ride with SpaceX runs into technical problems, and suggests the agency is proceeding cautiously.

The agency announced Tuesday it was weighing options to procure a Soyuz seat as a safety net to keep the International Space Station staffed with US astronauts. It’s the second time NASA has procured a Russian seat through a US-based company, following a deal with Boeing in 2017 for four Soyuz seats. This time, the deal is with Axiom, a startup that arranges private astronaut rides to space.

The terms of the agreement for the…

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