Craving Better Sleep? These Home Set-Up Tips Will Help. – Laura Fenton

As a parent, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights, but it wasn’t until this past year that I experienced actual bouts of insomnia (thanks, COVID). I suspect I’m not alone in this struggle. But we all know that a lack of sleep can negatively impact just about everything, so I want to share a few things that are helping me sleep better: Chief among them, I have found that my physical surroundings can make a real and positive difference in how well I rest.

During the early sleepless years of parenting, I read many baby sleep books, and while they didn’t turn my baby into a good sleeper, those books taught me a few things about setting my home up for optimal rest. Meanwhile, the past ten months have gotten me to refine my home’s set-up to help calm my racing mind. Here are 10 things that have helped my family get our forty winks (or thereabouts):


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