Clear Containers Are in Every Pantry—Are They Really So Great? – Caroline Mullen

Welcome to Storage Wars, a new series about the best ways to store, well, everything. From how to keep produce orderly in the fridge (or not), to ways to get your oddball nooks and crannies shipshape; and yes, how to organize all those unwieldy containers once and for all—we’ve got you covered.

While organization is certainly not a new topic (the label maker was invented in 1935, after all), we’ve seen an enormous interest in reaching Pinterest-level pantry perfection in recent years. This is partly thanks to wildly popular shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, in which Kondo gently prods us into parting with things we no longer need, and Get Organized with The Home Edit, where Joanna and Clea bubble and bounce through the homes of celebrities, satisfyingly purging some things while stacking others onto lazy Susans. It’s also likely a result of the affront that is social media, namely Pinterest and Instagram, where we are inundated with photos of closets, drawers, pantries, and cabinets with laboriously-labeled items.


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