iLife A10 robot vacuum review: iLife’s first mapping bot can’t get out of its own way – Michael Ansaldo

I’ve had great experiences with previous iLife robot vacuums, so I expected the introduction of laser navigation with the new A10 would make this one even better. But while the new vacuum does add some great new mapping and cleaning customization features, its finicky performance makes it feel more like a work in progress than a polished product.

The iLife A10 measures 12.99 x 12.6 x 3.74 inches, that extra height due to the laser turret on top. It comes with a bristled roller brush preinstalled and a secondary rubber brush that’s better for grabbing pet hair and larger debris, plus two pairs of spin brushes, a charging dock and mat, a power adapter, remote control, cleaning tool, and an extra high-performance filter.

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