SpaceX’s Crew Dragon performing ‘beautifully’ on ISS as NASA eyes a backup ride – Joey Roulette

Russia’s Progress 77 cargo resupply ship is seen approaching the International Space Station through the window of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. | NASA

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut taxi is doing “beautifully” so far in its first operational, long-duration stay on the International Space Station, NASA’s human spaceflight chief Kathy Lueders told The Verge. The capsule, named Resilience, sent three NASA astronauts and a Japanese astronaut to the station last November, and a trivial housekeeping task is the only unexpected hiccup faced by the crew.

“We’ve been very, very happy with how things are going,” Lueders said in an interview. “The only minor thing we had was we’re getting some little bits of lint on the seal” where Crew Dragon connects to the ISS, she added. Astronauts have been floating in and out of the spacecraft for months, leaving behind a buildup of lint and dust.

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