The exquisite Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation all-in-one audio system is now available dressed in wood – Michael Brown

British audio company Naim is now offering its second-generation Naim Mu-so all-in-one audio system in a wood edition. The new model retains all the sonic goodness of the original—including 450 watts of amplification driving left/right pairs of 1.0-inch silk dome tweeters, 2.0-inch midranges, and 5.0-inch woofers—but in an enclosure that’s wrapped in a sustainably harvested African hardwood; specifically, Ayous (also known as Obeche). Naim says the wood has been treated and lacquered to resemble a light oak.

The Mu-so Wood Edition retains its massive heatsink, but with a new anodized aluminum tint, while its front grill is woven from neutral-tone fibers designed to complement the wood. When I reviewed the Mu-So 2nd Edition in late 2019, I was as impressed with its modern industrial design—particularly its oversized, illuminated control wheel—as I was mesmerized by its audio performance. All of that carries over in this version of the product.

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