The Dining Chair Trend We Just Can’t Get Enough Of – Caroline Mullen

One of my weaknesses is being utterly incapable of passing up a good chair—be it on the side of the road, at a flea market, or listed on Facebook Marketplace. I’m overcome by a sense of compulsion to drag it home, or type, “Hi, is this still available?” to the seller. When walking through a yard sale, I turn my inner monologue on repeat:“You don’t need that, you don’t need that.”

If you’re anything like me, and have ended up with a whole lotta chairs, the idea of a dining table with mismatched chairs is likely the most practical conscious design choice you can make. An excuse to sidle a sleek mid-century piece right up next to a bentwood beauty and a chipped farmhouse bench? I’m in. A way to combine found furniture with the trendy new seat you couldn’t resist? This is it.


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