We Found the Best One-Pan Cookbook – Food52

This review is part of our community-driven book tournament, The Big Community Book-Off. With your help, we’re finding the best books across categories (from bread to pasta, Instant Pots to cooking fundamentals, and cake to cookies, to name a few) and putting them through a series of rigorous reviews—considered, tested, and written by none other than you. And so, let’s hand it off to our community members Jo-Anne, Michelle, and Judith. Here are their reviews of your five favorite one-pan books—and their nail-biting verdict on which one reigned supreme.

After a year of cooking for ourselves more than ever before, even our favorite recipes had become a bit boring. We were all looking for some magic in these five cookbooks that promised flavorful meals that basically cooked themselves in the oven or on the stovetop—all in one pan.


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