You just bought a new Amazon Echo device? Do these 6 things first – Ben Patterson

So, you recently bought or were gifted an Echo, Echo Dot, or another Echo device, and it’s sitting in your kitchen, silently awaiting your next order. Now what?

Before you can ask your Alexa-powered Echo to play your favorite Spotify playlist or to turn on your living room lights, you’ll need to tweak a few key settings. Get the scoop on how to train Alexa to recognize your voice, keep her from letting just anyone buy stuff on Amazon, tell her where you live and work, and more.

Create a voice profile

As soon as your new Echo is up and running, Alexa can start answering your questions and doing your bidding. That said, it’s a good idea to help Alexa get accustomed to your voice as soon as possible. By creating a voice profile, you can train Alexa to both understand and recognize your voice, which comes in handy when it comes to asking Alexa to shop or send messages to others.

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