Former NASA chief Jim Bridenstine joins satellite internet firm Viasat’s board – Joey Roulette

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Testifies Before Senate
Photo by Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images

Former NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine is joining space-based broadband firm Viasat’s board of directors as his latest post-NASA gig, after joining a space-focused private equity firm in January. Wading into the world of satellite internet, he says he’s concerned about the digital divide and the future of humanity, and he wants to try something new.

“When I left NASA I had a lot of different phone calls and texts on what I should be doing next or what I could be doing next,” Bridenstine tells The Verge. A mentor, he said, suggested he reach out to companies he’s interested in, so he emailed Viasat’s cofounder and executive chairman Mark Dankberg and asked if they need any help.

“There’s a digital divide and we need to close that,”…

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