MSCHF will not ship its 666th pair of Satan Shoes after Nike lawsuit – Adi Robertson

MSCHF / Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes”
Image: MSCHF

Internet collective MSCHF says it’s not infringing on Nike’s trademark with a pair of exclusive, blood-infused “Satan Shoes,” setting the stage for a bigger legal battle.

After filing a lawsuit earlier this week, Nike sought a temporary restraining order to bar MSCHF from fulfilling any orders of its Satan Shoes — a $1,018 Nike sneaker embellished with a pentagram and allegedly injected with ink and a single drop of blood. But in a response filed yesterday, MSCHF says all but one pair of the shoes, a 666 pair collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, have already shipped.

“Contrary to Nike’s speculation in its papers, all but one pair of the shoes already have been sold and shipped. MSCHF has no intention of issuing additional Satan Shoes,”…

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