Monoprice BT600ANC Bluetooth headphone review: These bargain-priced cans will be hard to beat – Jon L. Jacobi

The $100 Monoprice BT600ANC bring features to the table you’ll normally only find at twice the price. Very good normal sound, touchpad control (on the ear cup), and effective active noise cancellation (ANC).

The ANC isn’t as transparent as what you’ll get with pricier noise-cancelling headphones, such as Sony’s mid-range WH-XB900N, but the sonic difference with ANC engaged on Monoprice’s headphone is less discernable than we were expecting given the price. 

Alas, as of this writing, there was a connectivity issue that affected our testing, so read carefully. We’ll report back with Monoprice’s final word or solution on the problem when we get it. 

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