Facebook’s first crack at a Clubhouse competitor is a new Q&A platform called Hotline – Nick Statt

Image: Facebook

Facebook’s experimental app development division, the NPE Team, has released a new Q&A platform that borrows concepts from buzzy, audio-only social network Clubhouse but with dashes of live-streaming thrown in.

The platform is called Hotline, and it featured its first Q&A with investor Nick Huber earlier today, according to a report from TechCrunch. A website for the service is online now and allows sign-ins via Twitter, but it features only a waitlist and a tool for applying to host your own show. TechCrunch says Facebook has created designs for mobile versions of the app, though those do not appear to be live at this moment.

News of Facebook building its own version of Clubhouse first surfaced in February, though Hotline is said to…

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