Please, I need the Robinhood S-1, my family is starving – Elizabeth Lopatto

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

I love it when companies go public. I am never more excited than when I get to read a mandatory S-1 filing for the first time. Anything could be in there! Maybe the company has wildly more people using its products than I would have guessed. Maybe the company is surprisingly profitable. Maybe the company is WeWork!

Anyway, there is a new Robinhood regulatory oopsie in the news, and it’s made me even more eager to find out what’s lurking in that document. If I do not get the Robinhood S-1 soon, I will die. The company has confidentially filed to go public, but what fun is confidentiality? There might be some juicy shit in there!

Here’s the shape of the new thing: Robinhood allows customers to trade fractions of a share…

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