This Bookshelf Turned My Dusty Pile of Cookbooks into a Tidy Collection – Rebecca Firkser

Welcome to Your No-Sweat Guide to Spring Cleaning, a monthlong series that puts the fun (yep, for real!) back into cleaning. We’re talking spruce-ups that take less than 5 minutes, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that hacks, and hands-off cleaning tasks that basically…do themselves—plus our trustiest tools and helpers. The goal: Clean less, go outside more.

I own too many cookbooks, probably (definitely). Between decades of gifts, working as a food editor, and, well, simply loving cookbooks, I’ve amassed quite a collection of the thick hardcovers. Every so often I comb through for some I rarely use that could stand to be donated; for the most part, I can’t bear to part with these heavyweights. Storing them all in one place in one-bedroom apartments has been, shall we say, an adventure.


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