8 Ideas to Squeeze More Storage Out of Your Small Apartment – Camryn Rabideau

I spent a decade of my life living in apartments all over New England, and the older I got, the more stuff I inevitably accumulated. All of a sudden, I needed bigger moving trucks to relocate from one apartment to the next and the single storage closet most rentals afforded was nowhere near sufficient to hold my holiday decorations, unitasker appliances, and extra pet supplies. (Don’t even get me started about what happened when my boyfriend moved in.)

While a minimalist might take this as a sign to purge their possessions, I took a different route, getting crafty to find ways to fit all my belongings into my limited apartment storage. I have to say that after ten years and eight apartments, I got pretty good at it, too! Here, my best tried-and-true tips for creating more storage space in a small home:


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