Confessions of a Smart-Home Skeptic—& the Products I Actually Use – Caroline Mullen

Every single time I think about “smart home” products, I think of two things: one, the terrifying “parlor walls” in Fahrenheit 451 that lull families into submission, plying them with meaningless images. And two, the 1999 Disney Channel original movie Smart House, in which a computerized house takes on the personality of a controlling mother trying to lock the children inside—doors flapping, blenders whirring, automated screaming, and all.

So yeah, I’m wary of smart homes. Even though I’m of the generation that grew up with cell phones, technology tends to freak me out. Not so much because I’m concerned about all the spying done by governments and private companies alike, but more because I’m unnaturally concerned about the potential for my house to turn evil and try to lock me inside?


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