The Best Recipe for a Tender Brisket, According to a Butcher – Cara Nicoletti

Whether you’re celebrating Passover or Rosh Hashanah, having a backyard BBQ or just gathering with friends on a Sunday, a simple beef brisket recipe can be the perfect way to feed a crowd. With a side of mashed potatoes or a lightly dressed green salad, a wine-braised brisket in the oven, cooked until fork tender, can be the ultimate comfort food. Here’s how to make the best beef brisket—with a few tips and tricks to get you there with flying colors.

There are a handful of cooking firsts that stand out clearly in my brain amongst the daily fog of cold cereal and potato chip sandwiches. One is the first meal I ever made for my family: buttered spaghetti with boiled potatoes. There’s also the first time I ever perfectly poached an egg: I was in college working in a restaurant kitchen under the tutelage of a crush, and I was cooking on an induction burner.


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