What’s on Paramount+? The 10 best movies right now – Jeffrey M. Anderson

Paramount+, the streaming video service formerly known as CBS All Access, is owned by the entertainment giant ViacomCBS. Paramount+ targets cord-cutters (and cord-nevers) with a mixture of television shows and motion pictures. This story focuses on the 10 best films currently available on the service. You can read our full review of Paramount+ at this link.

Paramount+ costs $5.99 a month ($59.99 if paid annually) for an ad-supported plan, or $9.99 a month ($99.99 annually) for an ad-free plan.

This will change in June. A new $5-per-month ad-supported price plan will be introduced, but it will not include access to CBS live TV. Viewers who are already grandfathered in can keep the $6 plan or change to the $5 plan. New users will not be able to choose the live-TV option, and if a user switches from the $6 plan to the $5 plan, there’s no switching back.

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