Peril Protect leak detection system review: Pricey and limited protection from water damage – Michael Brown

Peril Protect is a grandiose name for this product and its related service, because the only peril it protects you from is water damage. Water, to be sure, can be devastatingly pernicious, inflicting tremendous amounts of damage to your home before you discover what might seem like the most inconsequential leak. A catastrophic leak—from a water line that freezes and then bursts, for example—can be just as devastating in a relatively short amount of time. Let’s explore how effective Peril Protect would be in both scenarios.

Peril Protect is sold as a service rather than a product. The system consists of a hub and a collection of sensors, coupled with a professional monitoring service that will alert you with text messages and emails when a sensor detects a leak. You can also call an 800 number 24/7 that will dispatch a plumber to your home to effect needed repairs. The hub is outfitted with an LTE radio and does not rely on your Wi-Fi network or your broadband connection. It has an onboard battery backup, too, so you’ll be covered in the event of a power outage.

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