The best air purifiers: Keep your home safe, comfortable, and odor-free – Christopher Null

The COVID pandemic—and in much of the country, smoke-filled air caused by rampant wildfires—has renewed interest in a formerly sleepy sector of the gadget universe: the air purifier. For those of us in California, air purifiers have been essential companions in the fall months, helping to rid the unyielding stench of wood smoke from the air while (we hope) protecting our health from the potential damages of inhaling toxic gasses and particles.

Updated May 31, 2021 to add our Aura Air review. This air purifier offers some great features that will not only clean your home’s air of odors and pollutants, it also has proven technology for destroying bacteria and viruses. But you should buy one only if you can put up with its noisy operation, so it gets a very qualified recommendation from us.

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