11 Ways to Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper—Not Just on the Walls – Caroline Mullen

Wallpapering nearly broke up my parents’ marriage. Yes, that’s right. Applying wallpaper to their home almost broke up a two-kid, three-home, 20-year marriage, because that’s how miserable a task it is. Peel and stick, though? Much less life or death—or, in this case, marriage-ending… What’s even better? You’re not wedded (pardon the pun) to it—it can be endlessly changed around.

Of course, we’ve all likely seen several rental makeovers put peel & stick wallpaper to good use—bright pops of pattern in small bathrooms, half-papered walls in bedrooms, kitchens rendered totally unrecognizable—but given that peel and stick wallpaper is, in essence, just giant pieces of sticker… there are lots more uses to be found.


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