Facebook Messenger’s new sound emoji let you hear Fast and Furious quotes in your chats – Jay Peters

Facebook is adding emoji with sound to Facebook Messenger. The name for them, of course, is Soundmojis.

To access Soundmojis, tap the emoji button while you’re in a Messenger conversation, tap on the sound icon on the far right, and then scroll through the list of available options. Just tap on an emoji to preview the accompanying sound and then hit the “send” button to drop it into your conversation.

There are expected sound effects and some surprising ones

Some of the sounds are expected: the goat emoji utters a bleat, while the clapping hands emoji plays an applause sound effect, for example. But some are musical, such as the hourglass, which plays Drake’s “you only live once, that’s the motto” lyric, and the sun, which plays a clip…

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