So You Finally Got a Monstera—Here’s How To Keep It Happy – Camryn Rabideau

I came across a truly magnificent Monstera deliciosa, aka Swiss cheese plant, a while ago. It was almost as tall as I was and so big that I wasn’t sure if it would even fit in the back of my car. The kicker? It only cost $90. That’s still a lot of money, but c’mon, how often do you find a 5-foot monstera under $100?!

I hemmed and hawed, and did a few laps around the store trying to decide whether I should take the plant home with me. I ultimately walked away—slowly and looking back often—because I didn’t know how I’d get it into my car (let alone my apartment) without help. To no one’s surprise, when I returned with my boyfriend in tow a few days later, they were gone.


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