The Absolute Easiest Trick to Cleaning Your Grill – Kenzi Wilbur

Why is it important to clean a grill? And how come leaving charred bits and leftover cooking oil doesn’t season the grates similar to a cast iron skillet? Well, first and foremost, it’s better for your health. Grilling meats at high temperatures can actually produce carcinogens, then left behind on the grill, so it’s important to keep the grates maintained. Beyond the health factor, regularly cleaning your grill will lengthen its life, prevent dangerous flare-ups, and simply make your food taste better.

We know that summer is officially in full swing, but here’s a tip that will carry you well beyond the Fourth of July: how to clean your grill, using things you already have lying around. All you’ll need for this quick hack is a piece of aluminum foil and a pair of tongs. Oh, plus your dirty grill grate and a little bit of elbow grease. 


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