Govee Lyra Floor Lamp review: Add a little color to any corner of your home – Christopher Null

Smart lighting needn’t be restricted to a bulb in a socket or a strip of LEDs. This new floor lamp from Govee will give any space some extra, fully tunable light—whether you need simple illumination or a pop of vibrant color.

When turned off, the lamp, which has no traditional head or shade design (making it useless for task lighting), resembles little more than a mop handle sticking out of a roll of paper towels. Fire it up and the appeal soon becomes obvious: One side of that handle illuminates along its entire length, creating an immediately striking effect.

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The Lyra is fully tunable, with both white and color lighting options. White lighting can be customized between 2200k and 6500k, and the full array of 16 million colors is also available. Multiple colors can appear on the 4.75-foot long bar at once, and dozens of effects are available that let colors slowly shift in hue, pulse dramatically, or even bounce in time with music. Many of these are frantic and clearly tuned for parties, but it’s easy enough to develop a more sedate look that fits in with your room décor, enhancing the mood with accent lighting instead of distracting you from what you’re doing.

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