From Builder-Grade to Zen Retreat: A DIY Bathroom Reno – Garrett Fleming

In the spring of 2020, avid DIYer Jenny Flynn and her husband, Bryson, moved into a 1970s fixer-upper in American Fork, UT and have since made swift work of bringing it up to date. Think: monochrome paintings, seating that swerves, and a crisp neutral color palette. There isn’t a room that hasn’t been altered: “My main goal was to create a space that I felt myself in,” says Flynn. Her latest undertaking? The main bathroom which, prior to a two-month long renovation, was chockablock with dated and poorly made fixtures, including an impractically tiny sink and toilet. “[They] felt like they belonged in a dollhouse,” Flynn jokes.

By doing the work herself and keeping the plumbing in place, Flynn was able to recast the uninviting room as a luxurious and calming retreat for just $1,600, the bulk of which she spent on fixtures–a brushed brass faucet joins a sinuous Gio Ponti inspired mirror, non-slip tile, and, of course, a human-sized sink and commode. Even more impressive than the savings is how Earth-first some of the fresh additions are, notably the vanity and paint. “Being environmentally friendly is important to me because little changes I make to be more sustainable can reduce my carbon footprint,” Flynn explains.


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