An Expert Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets – Ariel Scotti

Over the past 18 months, our kitchens have been like big (or small), warm blankets that wrapped their stainless-steel/cast-iron/wooden arms around us and gave us a safe space to fail at making sourdough starter, and try our hand at kimchi. Many of us added in new gadgets and tools like air fryers, loaf pans, and pizza stones, and others moved into new homes with empty kitchens to start afresh in.

Now that things are finally starting to look normal-ish again, our kitchens deserve a little TLC after all they saw us through. So, whether your cabinets are new and empty or packed tight, it might be time for a complete cabinet overhaul and reorganization. Where to start (and continue, and end) can feel overwhelming, so we brought in the professionals to help: Leslie Hatch Gail, professional organizer and owner of Declare Order Professional Organizing, and Kristiana Laugen, Home Expert at Handy, an online marketplace for home services. Read on for their best tips to achieve the organized kitchen of your dreams.


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