Jeff Bezos’ brief trip to space was also a commercial for Rivian – Sean O’Kane

Photos by Joey Roulette / The Verge

After years of preparation and billions of dollars spent on the project, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos got to be one of the first people to ride a rocket built by his other company, Blue Origin, to the edge of space. But the event itself was also a chance for Bezos to promote a third investment in the wider Amazon portfolio: EV startup Rivian.

Throughout the broadcast, Rivian’s electric pickup truck and SUV could be seen shuttling Bezos and his fellow astronauts around — an unsurprising decision considering Amazon now owns more than 10 percent of the EV startup after leading and participating in multiple funding rounds. The hosts of Blue Origin’s livestream made sure to let everyone watching know what they were seeing, too.

With commercial…

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