Where Designers Score Quality Artwork—Without Breaking the Bank – Kelly Dawson

By the time a room starts to come together, a lot of decisions have already been made. There’s the back-and-forth of what paint color to choose, whether or not the floors need some attention, and how you’re handling window treatments. A discussion that decides whether a sectional is best is a given, as well as what texture the rug should be. And when all of the big-ticket items are finally in place, there’s the rearranging of furniture here and there (and back again), to ensure that the room has an ideal flow. So it’s no wonder that when artwork is considered as the exclamation points of a design, blank walls are usually met with question marks.

Art has a reputation for being expensive and subjective, which makes the idea of finding the right pieces overwhelming. But the truth is, it’s possible to find quality artwork without spending a ton of money, and no one else has to like it but you (unless your home is also a museum). “My goal is to find artwork that speaks to my clients,” designer Gina Gutierrez says. “When it comes to fitting in the space, I like to make sure that the piece harmonizes with our color story and meets the energy of the room: vibrant, moody, soft, or even natural.”


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