7 Summer-Ready Sips Starring Oranges – kristincorpuz

We’ve teamed up with California Citrus Growers to pull back the peel and share all the citrus-y wonders of oranges from the Golden State. Here, we’re showing you some of the refreshing sips you can make this summer using juicy, sweet-tart California Valencia oranges. And psst: Did you know that they’re an excellent source of both vitamin C and folate? Pretty sweet.

With summer finally upon us, warmer weather is here to accompany what’s shaping up to be a gorgeous and lively few months—and with that comes the arrival of fruity drinks to keep you refreshed throughout. This season, we’re turning to the wonderfully tart and sweet nectar of Valencia oranges (they’re the best for juicing of the bunch) to complete all of our summer sips. Think: bubbly mimosas, fizzy sherbet coolers, cooling green tea-orange sparklers, and zingy orange and mint gimlets.


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