Hey You! Freeze Those Summer Green Beans – Valerio Farris

There are, of course, many welcome newcomers to the produce aisle this time of year. The tomato is the obvious star of the show (we get it, you’re juicy and sweet and delicious and pretty much perfect), but there’s also eggplants, zucchini, all sorts of stone fruit, bell peppers, and corn. One summer growth, however, doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves at the farmers market, and that’s the humble green bean.

They’re sturdy and reliable, endlessly versatile, and thus deserve a spot in summer’s pantheon. I like them cooked low and slow until effortlessly tender and velvety in a good dousing of olive oil. Though green beans can be found year-round (thanks, modern supermarkets), there’s something special about all the varieties of pole and bush beans, like romano, wax, and long, that start to emerge come summertime. So whether you grew your own, picked them fresh, or bought them at a farmers market or grocery store, here’s how to enjoy those summer beans well into cooler months.


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