Uses for aluminum foil – (Danielle Braff)

Aluminum foil is a Penny Hoarder’s BFF when it comes to preserving leftovers. But if you’re just using that handy foil to wrap up day-old food, you’re totally missing out on so many other uses for this extraordinary kitchen standby. The Many Uses of Aluminum Foil You might be dating yourself if you are still […]

If You Find This Thrift Shopping, Buy It – Kentin Waits

Photo by Kentin Waits / Money Talks News Shopping thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales can be overwhelming. With the sheer volume of stuff, how do you know where to start? How do you spot gems amid all the … well, junk? As a professional reseller who’s been combing through thrift stores for the […]

32 Pandemic Habits You Should Keep – Gael F. Cooper

Photo by Monkey Business Images / The coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions have already put a mark on everything from our shopping to the work world. Plexiglass barriers at the checkout and more people working from home likely will remain for some time. Some changes, however, are less material and more mental. And not […]

QuickBooks Price Levels: How to Adjust Prices and Price Levels in QuickBooks Online – Stacy Kildal

Whether your small business sells products or services, you might sometimes want to offer sales and discounts as incentives. Luckily, with QuickBooks Online, you can make these price adjustments automatic, set them up to run for a specific time period — and extend the adjusted price to all your customers or just a certain segment. This… […]

How to Avoid the Financial Blunders People Make in Their 20s – (Kari Faber)

Nobody is perfect when it comes to their finances — even millionaires slip up sometimes. So when you start to think you’re worse off than your parents, or your nephew, or your friends, remember that all 20-somethings have made mistakes that can cost them big time. But if you’re guilty of making some of these blunders, […]

Too Much Online Shopping? These Apps Can Earn You More Than $2,000 Back. – (Kari Faber)

Do you remember going to the mall? The thrill of walking from store to store, adding more bags to your arms, paying cash (!) for your splurges — it was a whole experience, and it might have helped you stay in budget, too. But not online shopping. The ease of finding everything you need — […]


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